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Stab wood box mod squonker fully stabilized

Stab wood box mod squonker fully stabilized
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Min order: 5
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wood squonker YILOONG BF stab wood box mod 20700 squonk mod


      Stabilized Wood, aka Stab Wood, is a popular type of wood used for Box Mods, especially forHigh End Box Mods. Stabilizing wood is a process of injecting the pores and grain of wood with certain 'Stabilizing' chemicals and dyes, in-order to prolong the life of the wood and help prevent the wood from shrinking, warping, adsorbing moisture, cracking etc. Oftentimes, Stab Wood is dyed (Single Dye and Double dye) to give the wood grain illustrious colors. Further, Hybrid Box Mods, are part Stab Wood finish and part acrylic/resin, giving the Stab Wood a vibrant contrast and a glossy stone/glass like finish. 
      Stabilized Wood box mods are very popular amongst collectors due to the natural beauty of wood, variance of color/grain patterns, and the unique look each build provides. However, Stabilized Wood does require some ongoing maintenance, primarily an occasional oiling and waxing. We now offer all kinds of colors mechanical stab woods and OEM stab woods,as well as DNA 75/75C chip. If you’re looking high-end stabilized wood or hybrid stab wood mods, you’ve come to the right place.


*Mechanical stabilized wood box mod


*Spring loaded 510 pin

*Red color,other colors are available

*OEM stab wood available

*Single 18650 battery or 20700 battery




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